I Love Juliet Simms

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Hi everyone! 

 Lately I’ve seen some post about Andy and Juliet not being together and that its a publicity stunt. Whether it is or it isn’t true it’s none of our business. We are fans just fans we’re not their friends or family they deserve their privacy. Its one thing to be a fan but what some people are doing is just insane. Find  a hobby if they’re together or not ITS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS 

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They seriously need to get married.


It’s funny how most of the people who claimed to have “loved me” while I was running the simmspiration page unfollowed me and shit not too long after I quit the stupid thing. Shows how people just use you and kiss your ass when it’s relevant to them.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I were you. Of course they’re going to like you because you and Juliet talked. Don’t stress dude! You’re cool and thats all that matters. 

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